Protectors Appreciation Week, February 24-February 28, 2020

To whom it may concern:

Every year the LAX Coastal Chamber plans an event to celebrate the men and women who protect our community day after day. While we have traditionally done a lunch event at a hotel inviting 50 local protectors, this year we thought we would try something new to make an even greater impact.

We are excited to announce the launch of Protectors Appreciation Week (PAW) celebrating LAPD Pacific Area, Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, LA County Lifeguards, US Coastguard, County and City LAFD and LAWA Police Detail. This celebration will allow us to honor our local protectors at their stations—enabling us to reach more officers and not disrupt day-to-day operations. We’re looking forward to showing our appreciation by serving meals, offering treats, raffling prizes, giving thank you cards and more.

This week-long celebration would not be possible without the support of our members! Please join us in celebrating those that keep our business and residential communities safe by committing to one of the following sponsorships:


– $2,500 Platinum Sponsor – Headline recognition at all PAW events at stations, logo on banners/poster/flyers in community, title recognition in all press releases, selection of 2 station events

– $1,000 Gold Sponsor – recognition PAW events at stations, logo on banners/poster/flyers in community, recognition in all press releases, selection of 1 station event

– $500 Silver Sponsor – Logo on posters/flyers in community, recognition in all press releases

Additionally, we will be recruiting volunteers from our local community to help ensure this program is a success. If your company would like to volunteer to assist us with this project or donate a raffle prize for the Protectors, please let us know. We can be reached at 310.645.5151 or at

We appreciate your consideration!


Christina Davis


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Magazine Spotlight: Wellness, Fitness & Personal Care 2

Pg. 75 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

With aging comes the natural diminishing of our body’s production hormones; specifically estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. As a result, certain symptoms such as hot flashes, forgetfulness, anxiety, sleep disruption, low libido, moodiness, weight gain and difficulty maintaining muscle tone are common. Before these symptoms become intolerable, it’s possible to restore your body back to its beautiful balance.

Maintaining balance is the goal of any hormone replacement therapy. Your choices include using naturally plant-derived compounded bio-identical hormones or manufactured synthetic hormones.

Bio-Identical hormones are plant-derived hormones, prepared from precursors found in wild yam or soybean. They are compounded by specially trained pharmacists in a sterile environment to be identical to the hormones produced by the human body. Therefore, the body reads them as familiar and they are readily received.

Synthetic hormones are artificial and not found in nature. They are chemically altered substances that are not identical in structure or activity to natural human hormones. Because these hormones are altered, there are many undesired (and often dangerous side effects) associated with them.
For those looking to explore these options, Dr. Gail N. Jackson has a passion for ensuring excellent care for all women and offers services such as bio-identical hormone treatments, gynecology and the lady lyft.

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Magazine Spotlight: Wellness, Fitness & Personal Care 1

Pg. 74 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

The Boys & Girls Club of Venice (BGCV) recently celebrated 50 years of fulfilling their mission to support young people in reaching their potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. With nationally recognized, after-school enrichment programs and a network of more than 50 partners, BGCV offers youth a “home away from home” during the critical hours after school when children are most vulnerable to crime, violence and unsafe behaviors.

In 2018, BGCV expanded their programs to include ukulele, drums & percussion, music production, ballet, Capoeira, indoor soccer, 3D printing and so much more at no additional cost to members.

When you support BGCV, you’re not just sending a child to an afterschool program—you’re breaking the cycle of poverty in Los Angeles. You’re funding good grades, healthy meals, leadership development, and career readiness. Our programs are as vital to the community as street lamps, and your investment helps children shine.

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Magazine Spotlight: Transportation & Aviation Services

Pg. 71 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

When the ribbon was cut at the end of 2018, the $516-million overhaul of Terminal 1 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) came in on schedule and on budget, with no lost-time injuries over the four-year construction project that modernized the 34-year-old building.

“Building a world-class airport requires a team of committed partners, and with our Terminal 1 renovation we delivered what we envisioned” said Deborah Flint, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). “Thanks to the leadership of Southwest Airlines, Hensel Phelps, 35 subcontracted companies, and LAWA employees—the project was built safely, on-time,and on-budget. There is now an exceptional experience for the almost 10 million guests who travel through Terminal 1 annually.”

Originally published at

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Magazine Spotlight: Shopping & Retail

Pg. 69 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to knit a scarf, crochet a blanket or complete a needlepoint to hang on your wall, the L.A. County Yarn Crawl is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. During this two-weekend event, taking place in April 2019, Needlepoints West will be one of 20 stores throughout LA to open its doors for newbies, novices and experts for a day filled with yarn, crafting, giveaways and more.

“It’s a fab event,” says Needlepoints owner Joanne Bronson. “You really see stores at their very best. It’s a party atmosphere and a great time to think about taking up a new hobby.” Joanne’s shop, which opened in 1972, has thousands of bundles of yarn and thread lining its walls—made from anything from cotton, wool, corn, silk, alpaca, milk and cashmere—making it a stitcher’s (or a “fiber-ista’s”) dream.

Joanne says the goal of the LA Yarn Crawl is to get people excited about all the different craft and art opportunities associated with yarn, meet fellow enthusiasts, and perhaps, learn a new skill. “People want to start knitting for a wide variety of reasons, whether they want to make a gift for someone special in their lives, they want to get involved in charities that revolve around knitting or maybe they are retired, and they want to be part of a community,” she says. “It’s also great for people wanting to de-stress because working with your hands is very relaxing; there is definitely a Zen to it.”

Originally published in The HomeTown News

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Magazine Spotlight: Real Estate 2

Pg. 66 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide.

The concept of coworking has developed beyond a change in a professional’s workday—it’s changed the way people do business. In 1994, the Chiat/Day ad agency built a New York office that was designed to break every workplace tradition, with the help of Italian architect Gaetano Pesce. There were no offices or personal desks, the walls literally glowed with vibrant colors and hieroglyphs and surfaces were built to seemingly hinder productivity (such as tables coated with resin that made paper stick to the surface and chairs that wobbled intentionally).

As expected, the workers of Chiat/Day abandoned the space within a year, but the coworking community sees that office as a revolution. It was one of the first creative, open-planned, collaborative spaces within Corporate America, and it taught the rest of us that it’s okay to break the rules and to learn from our failures. Bets10

Today, there are currently more 18,900 coworking spaces worldwide with 1.7 million cumulative members. Office buildings are advertising open “Creative Space” and abandoning traditional offices, enticing new tenants with open floor plans and exposed architectural features. Nonstandard items such as treadmill desks and office yoga are no longer startling concepts, they’re becoming commonplace. While many feel there are downsides to this new, collaborative workplace (such as noise distraction and a higher likelihood of spreading illness), with more than 70% of US offices featuring an open-plan design something is obviously working.

Interested in seeing if this modern workplace is for you? Visit LAX Coworking in the LAX Coastal Chamber’s office, or proud member Industrious in the Playa District.

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Magazine Spotlight: Real Estate 1

Pg. 65 of the LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

In 2009, the real estate world was on its head. It was no time to start a company that focused on land-use entitlements—and yet, that is exactly what Jonathan Lonner chose to do.

That year, Jonathan opened the doors to Burns & Bouchard. Burns, after his grandparents’ last name, and Bouchard, for the last name of his wife’s grandparents. Kristen Lonner, Jonathan’s wife, was a successful land-use and community-outreach expert and a partner at a successful local lobbying firm; however, she too was experiencing the uncertainty of the market. But when Jonathan’s client list began to grow and Kristen began partnering with him on projects, it became clear that the two were meant to do this together.

Jonathan’s development experience from his years at Lee Homes and Kristen’s City Hall experience working for Councilmember Cindy Miscikowski were serving them well as a power duo. In 2010, Kristen would leave the security of a well-established 40-year firm to join Burns & Bouchard and grow their services to not only entitlements but lobbying and outreach as well.

Almost 10 years later, Burns & Bouchard represents development projects from Hollywood to Venice Beach, Woodland Hills to Glassell Park, and of course, Westchester/Playa del Rey—the same community where Jonathan and Kristen were starting their family when Burns & Bouchard was born.

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Magazine Spotlight: Professional Services 2

Pg. 62 of the LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

This past year, one of the highlights at Lux Virtual was working on their second interactive Virtual Reality project with the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). Lux Virtual has worked hard to build a relationship with the innovation team at MWD, focusing on continually bringing new technologies to the agency and connecting them to fellow companies focusing on technological innovation.

The project was developed to educate the public on how difficult it is to get water to Los Angeles, and the importance of water conservation—especially with the continual increase in population and an ever-present risk of droughts from year to year. MWD is focused on better storage, increased conservation methods and educating the public on how to best conserve water and minimize its use. agario

Early on in the project, Lux Virtual hosted over a dozen employees from multiple water agencies at an all-day drone and video 360 training/educational course. This was made possible because they had the opportunity to bring Corey Petrick onto this project, an Emmy-Award winner for digital innovation for his work with Video 360 images on the film “Capturing Everest.”

Robert DeCou, Founder & CEO of Lux Virtual, is a firm believer in building relationships. “To grow and excel in this fast-paced economy,” says Robert, “building partnerships, joint ventures and solidifying relationships is essential. Be diligent in building new friendships in your community and it will serve you well in both health and prosperity.”

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Magazine Spotlight: Professional Services 1

Pg. 61 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

The Sean Story story (yes, that is not a typo!) begins in a small town in the heart of Silicon Valley where a young man began to use his skills for marketing, technology and business to build websites for local businesses. Surrounded by innovative tech giants from a young age, Sean was motivated to bring high-quality websites to the businesses of his town. More than 10 years later, Sean now calls the sands of Playa del Rey his home.

Sean is known for awesome websites, cybersecurity, secure computer networks and WiFi solutions, as well as providing tech support for small to medium-sized businesses. His design approach is built on the fundamental idea that every creative work should have a purpose. This philosophy, combined with a keen eye for detail and a sleek aesthetic, allows Sean to create pieces that leave clients in awe and their customers coming. His IT services follow a similar formula, with an emphasis on reliability, security and ease of use.

As a proud Chamber member and Playa Venice Sunrise Rotarian, Sean loves small towns and looks forward to calling Playa del Rey his home for many years to come. At Sean Story Inc., he looks forward to helping you with his technological expertise—balanced with artistry and a contagious splash of passion.

Learn more about Sean Story Inc.

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