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Magazine Spotlight: Construction & Engineering

April 15, 2019

PCL Construction Services

Pg. 27 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

Workforce development has social, business and community implications that impact the bottom line. Career readiness, especially for those living in lower socioeconomic areas, is not necessarily an attainable goal due to a lack of financial resources or access to information. Without resources, the cycle of hiring, or lack thereof, and economic impacts continue.

Workforce development benefits large and small businesses. When larger enterprises mentor small businesses and help them develop best practices in critical areas, small businesses can effectively take on larger projects. Additionally, initiatives that build skillset capacity and support at-risk populations can be an integral component in reducing the rate of recidivism, increasing the likelihood that disadvantaged populations can live independently, and providing employers with long-term access to a technically experienced workforce. Because most programs are community-based, the workers may live and work in their own communities which means the economic benefits and income generation from employers stays local.

At its core, workforce development promotes inclusion, collaboration and diversity of thought based on personal experiences. This perspective is a bonus for our organizations, employees and the communities we serve.

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Monday, April 15, 2019 | 1:00 am