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April 22, 2019

Food Fleet

Pg. 29 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide.

Food Fleet was founded in 2015 with the intent of helping small businesses and food truck owners work with larger customers and clients. They saw the need, as well as the frustration, from mom-and-pop businesses that wanted to partner with larger entities such as airports, hospitals and universities. When it came time to work these larger events, the mom-and-pops not only had a hard time understanding what was required, but also faced challenges providing proper requirements from insurance, health and safety, as well as transaction times.

Looking to give local business a fighting chance, Food Fleet’s founders combine 65 years of experience from more than 22 countries, plus multiple years in logistics, communications and customer service, to support their “fleet” of small-to-large businesses. With these skills, they’ve created a world-class company that can think outside the box to find solutions to everyone’s needs.

But in the end it’s not just about the business—it’s about relationships. Food Fleet loves bringing great food to great people and seeing how they emotionally connect to the cuisine.

That connection was never more apparent than when Food Fleet was working with the United States Navy. Each and every day, the Food Fleet team saw that meal breaks were the favorite part of each sailor’s day. Meals were the one time they were allowed to disconnect from the stress of their job and enjoy a meal with friends and family. Laughing over their plates and sharing stories helped them go back to their post with increased focus and dedication. Food Fleet wanted to make sure they were a part of what these heroic individuals looked forward to as small token of thanks for the work they do to protect us and our country. There is a huge difference between sustenance and enjoyment and at Food Fleet, they make sure you savor every moment.

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Monday, April 22, 2019 | 1:30 am