The Chamber strives to be the strongest voice for the local business community. The organization supports a positive economic climate in which commerce in the local area, city and state can continue to flourish and remain competitive and diverse.

Councilmember Mike Bonin at the 20th Annual LAX Coastal Fourth of July Parade

The voices of many are significantly stronger than the voice of one. The Chamber represents approximately 550 businesses and over 15,000 employees. Together, our voices will be heard and we can make a difference in the local political landscape.


The LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce “Policy Pillars” is a living document that will continue to evolve and change.  These positions are designed to set a framework when making decisions on policy, but are to be weighed with the inevitable changes of our community and business climate.


These positions were accepted in accordance with a vote by the board of directors on January 17, 2013.


The Chamber endorses tax policies that would enhance the competitiveness of our local businesses, such as business tax reforms that would make the City more comparable to surrounding cities and other changes to help further business development and worker retention. This would ensure that our businesses are not put at an economic disadvantage.


The Chamber supports policies to maintain and increase the region’s booming tourism industry. With more than 25 million visitors coming to Los Angeles each year, the Chamber recognizes the industry’s importance to our region’s economic stability and growth.


The Chamber believes that a workforce equipped with the skills for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs is critical for the future of the region’s economy. The Chamber supports educational reforms that would bring increased community engagement, promote autonomy and entrepreneurship and create a school system that fulfills the needs of employers for a highly-skilled workforce.

Public Safety

The Chamber considers safety to be a top priority, and supports increasing the size and presence of our police and fire departments to allow for a decrease in response times and a reduction in crime.


The Chamber believes that as the nation’s top trade gateway and the area with the most automobiles per capita, the region cannot afford to continue to ignore the effect that traffic congestion is having on our economy and quality of life. The Chamber supports policies that improve mobility and relieve congestion on our roads and freeways to maximize the region’s ability to move people and goods.

Land Use

The Chamber supports policies that encourage smart growth planning that is transit-oriented for the appropriate placement of development, without displacing existing residential, commercial and industrial land uses that are significant to preservation of a healthy and appropriately designed jobs/housing balance.

Marina del Rey

The Chamber supports reasonable redevelopment of unincorporated Marina del Rey that is articulated by the certified Local Coastal Program, which establishes the appropriate mix of recreational boating facilities, residential units, visitor-serving facilities, office and commercial space and open space. The Chamber supports redevelopment projects that serve to revitalize Marina del Rey according to the vision and standards of the certified LCP. The Chamber recognizes that Marina del Rey, which requires a mix of new and renovated improvements, is a vital tourist destination as well as recreational resource for the citizens of Los Angeles County. The Chamber supports redevelopment projects that provide needed new housing, improve the recreational and visitor-serving purposes, promote greater pedestrian access throughout the Marina and advance boating opportunities, including the development of dry stack storage

Business Climate

The Chamber supports a positive environment in which businesses in our local area, city, region and state can continue to flourish and remain competitive. The Chamber supports the following:

  • Sensible changes in state labor laws and regulations aimed at making the workplace easier to administer;
  • Changes in tax policy that keep businesses competitive;
  • Local efforts to implement roadway improvements, infrastructure projects and other construction in a way that impacts the fewest businesses as possible; and
  • Revisions to the state’s workers’ compensation system to bring balance and fairness to what has become a contentious system.
  • The Chamber opposes government mandated unionization and supports unionization as a worker’s choice.


The Chamber supports efforts to reduce our city’s dependence on dirty-burning coal, while at the same time moving toward renewable forms of energy. The Chamber supports recycling, conservation and green development, including the efforts of developers to earn LEED certifications for all new construction. The Chamber supports the efforts of Renew L.A. to convert trash into clean, renewable energy, alternative fuels and other useful products. The Chamber is also aware that it is critical for business attraction and retention to improve our existing infrastructure and find new, reliable sources for natural gas, water and other resources critical to the sustained growth of our community and economy.


Do you know of a piece of local or statewide legislation that affects our business community or your industry sector? Are you passionate about a particular political topic or bill at-hand? If your answer is “yes,” then the Chamber highly encourages you to bring these issue to the attention of our organization. The Chamber can only take a stance on those issues that we are informed about; as members of the Chamber, we rely on you to keep your eyes and ears alert for those issues that may require Chamber action or support.


Don’t have a policy in mind but are looking to stay involved? The Public Policy Committee continues to advocate for local business and is always open to issue-minded members who are looking to support the Chamber’s advocacy efforts. For more information on our monthly committee meetings, please contact the Chamber at 310.645.5151.


Please join the Chamber’s advocacy efforts in its pursuit of local economic healthy.