Serving the communities of Westchester, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey, Del Rey and surrounding areas, the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce promotes business and enhances the vitality of community through member services, educational programs, strategic partnerships, community outreach and legislative advocacy.

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What is Enough?


Do you ever feel as if you aren’t accomplishing… enough? Not as in are you meeting deadlines and finishing reports on time, but rather are you doing enough in life? Are you exceeding your own expectations? Are you reaching your potential? Are you doing all of the things you told yourself as a child that you would definitely do, [read more...]

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Staying Politically Active

Mike Feuer, Ron Galperin, and Mike Bonin.

Your local chamber is more than just networking and mixers. The LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce has been a vital force in this community for over 60 years with the mission of making our region a better place to live, work, and play. While building relationships is an important pillar to this organization, we understand that relevance is more than just making connections, it’s [read more...]

Launching the Annual Report

You’ve heard us say it once and you’ll definitely hear us say it again: as your local chamber, we are proud to be your core of business. The LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce is always honored to serve this amazing LAX Coastal community. Whether we are advocating for business, connecting our members to local officials, or simply doing our best to help you succeed, [read more...]