Serving the communities of Westchester, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey, Del Rey and surrounding areas, the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce promotes business and enhances the vitality of community through member services, educational programs, strategic partnerships, community outreach and legislative advocacy.

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Nominating LAX Coastal Leadership

Did you know that the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6), a nonprofit organization type that is classified as a business league? And that, as such, all of our funding is provided by you–our loyal members–through membership dues and sponsorships? Our board of directors are volunteers who donate their time to help elevate the business climate of the [read more...]

Upcoming Events

The Future is up to You

The LAX Coastal Chamber board room is alive with conversation. Professionals from all walks of life and industries are chatting excitedly as they sip their morning coffee (after making sure that it is indeed NOT decaf) and snack on a selection of fresh fruits. In between snippets of laughter is the rustle of paper as forms are read and waivers are signed. It is [read more...]