Working Together

We advocate for the business community, address quality of life issues, and connect business leaders with each other. Since our founding in 1953, we’ve taken the lead on vital issues facing our region with specific attention to supporting businesses to achieve their goals in our community.

If you have seen one Chamber, you have seen one Chamber!

For 70 years, the LAX Coastal Chamber has continued to morph its events, programs, and initiatives to further support the growth of business and enhance the vitality of our community. Some of our best ideas have come from the minds of our members – our Development, Design, and Construction Group, our Small Business Enterprise Certification Program, Network for Change, and our Corporate Power Hours. As the needs of our businesses change, so do we. We work daily to continue to bring innovative offerings that bring value to our members.



The LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce promotes business and enhances the vitality of the community through DEIA, member services, educational programs, strategic partnerships, community outreach and legislative advocacy.



To be a leading voice for business development and community prosperity in our region.



Trust & Respect
Continuous Learning

We’re big on diversity and inclusion, because we're all in this together.

That’s why we’re leading partners in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our community, fostering new relationships and connecting historically disadvantaged business people with opportunity.
Featured Photo showing members at an LAX Chamber of Commerce Event.

We're big on community,
and we're your neighbors.

A network of local businesses serving the beach cities of Los Angeles, we’re passionate cheerleaders for our hometowns.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility

Establishing a strong foundation, leveraging existing relationship, building meaningful collaborations, continuing to focus on a diverse leadership pipeline and strategic programming focused on DEIA is key to our success and the success of our members.

DEIA Committee

Thank you to the following businesses for sponsoring our LAX Coastal Chamber DEIA Programs.