We speak Up

The voices of many are stronger than the voice of one. The LAX Chamber of Commerce represents approximately 550 businesses and more than 15,000 employees. Together, we use the megaphone of our membership to support a positive, competitive, and diverse economic landscape.

Chamber Policy Positions

August 2022 - Current

Letter to LA County Board of Supervisor Chair, Janice Hahn

September 1, 2023
Opposition To The Drafting Of A $25 Minimum Wage Motion For Hotels & Theme Parks In Unincorporated LA County

Letter to LA County Board of Supervisor Chair, Janice Hahn

August 7, 2023
Opposition to August 8th Motion To Draft An Ordinance In Regards to Hotel Worker Protections

Letter to Los Angeles Council President, Nury Martinez

August 4, 2022
Opposition to Hotel Land Use and Replacement Housing Requirements Ordinance.

Letter to LA City Councilwoman, Traci Park

July 13, 2023
Opposition to the April 12th Motion to Raise the LA Living Wage and Hotel Worker Minimum Wage to $25 and eventually to $30 in 2028.

Letter to LA City Councilwoman, Traci Park

March 24, 2023
Support and Continuance to City of Los Angeles’ Al Fresco Dining Program.

Letter to California State Senator, Maria Elena Durazo (CA SD-26)

March 23, 2023
Opposition to SB525 – Minimum Wage for Health Care Workers.

Letter to California State Senator, Dave Cortese (CA SD-15)

March 8, 2023
Letter of Support on CA SB41 – Meal and Rest Breaks for Aviation Cabin Crew Employees.

Letter to LA City Department of Planning

March 2, 2023
Support for the CityView Development Project in Westchester.

Letter to U.S. Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, U.S. Department of Transportation

March 2, 2023
Support of Brightline West’s Application for a FSP Grant Opportunity