A Little Something For Your Tool Belt

Didn’t we just post this blog two weeks ago? Yes.

BUT, we had to give it a 2.0 version because we have 3 more amazing resources for our readers you simply cannot pass up.

and co


One app and one human is all you need.

Keeping track of your finances is difficult. Keeping track of your business finances is a whole other monstrous animal. But, never fear, AND CO is here! The basis of AND CO is to provide it’s users with an app that tracks your expenses, accepts payments (credit card, ACH, & Pay Pal), draws up invoices for you, and much more. Alongside the app you receive a chief operator (that’s the CO in AND CO) who is available for any questions you may have. AND CO is a community aimed to help freelancers, small business, and even startups. You can even anonymously post about freelance friendly businesses and jobs.  If you sign up today, tell them your friends at LAX Coastal and LAX Coworking sent you!

Note: Currently, AND CO is only running on the iOS system, but an Android beta will be available soon!


The Influencer Economy Book:

Launch your idea, share it with the world, and thrive in the digital age.

We like to consider Ryan Williams a wonderful resource, as well as friend of LAX Coworking. Ryan is an entrepreneur whose podcast “The Influencer Economy” featured some of the most successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and around the globe to share their knowledge of how to make an idea reality. In his first book (because we’re sure he’ll write more and we will happily read them!) he gathers all of this invaluable information for you in one convenient paperback (or e-book, if you swing that way). Antalya böcek ilaçlama

“I wrote this book from my own perspective as a creative entrepreneur, bootstrapping my ideas and vision without any large budget. I’m imagining you’re in a similar boat—it’s you and maybe a co-founder out there working on your idea, and it’s a lonely slog. I want this book to move your journey along and help you build a community and platform around your idea, even if your idea has yet to launch.” –Ryan Williams

How to make an idea a successful business.

Right there.

On a platter.

Thank you, Ryan!

You can purchase this little gem here.

Please don’t forget to check out the previous resources we mentioned below!


Through our coworking space we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with some amazing people. These people have given us some great resources and we believe that sharing is caring. Vincent Dignan is an entrepreneur, author, and growth hacker extraordinaire who presented a Lunch N Learn in 2015. We are lucky to have kept in touch with him and receive his monthly newsletter. One of them listed relatively unknown resources businesses can use to effectively communicate with others. Check them out! And check Vincent out—don’t let the flashy clothes fool you, this man means business.


Email hunter: Business and new clientele usually come from friends— people who know people, who know people. But what if you want to establish a new connection or are looking to expand your horizons? E-mail Hunter is literally just that, an e-mail hunting database, it allows you to type in a company name and see all of the publicly listed e-mails that company has. For example, if you were to type in “laxcoastal.com” you can see all of our staff’s e-mails. We’re not suggesting it is the end all for reaching out, what if you need the marketing department and contact HR? But, we think it’s a nice tool to have in your arsenal and is a good starting point.

hey-pressHey Press: Another database galore! Need to do research for a grant proposal? A blog? For fun? Hey Press has complied thousands upon thousands of tech journalists and their work in one great website. Similar to E-mail Hunter, you type in a subject and it searches through its records to bring up anything relevant to your subject. Time saver? Check!


Crystal Knows: Depending on how you view technology, this resource might be up your alley or a total miss. Claiming they are the “Best improvement to e-mail since spell check”, Crystal Knows gathers information from all public records (Facebook, other kinds of social media, your business page) in order to figure out how to best communicate with you. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. It’s slight eerie because instead of auto-correcting your spelling, you might get a correction that states “Frank doesn’t like sarcasm, be more specific and detail oriented.” Isn’t that fascinating! A few people have written about this and said that it’s accurate. The person you’d like to set up a profile for needs to have some sort of online presence or it’s useless.  The goal of Crystal Knows is to make sure you communicate effectively. And it makes sense. I’ve always been one to think that sarcasm needs its own font but with Crystal Knows, perhaps that ideal will be a thing of the past.

Do you have any hacks or apps you can’t seem to live without? Share them with your community!

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