Spotlight on Theodora Oyie

Meet Theodora Oyie, President & CEO Mindful Integration of Construction Services

As a former foster care ward, Theodora is grateful to have attended college at UC Riverside, and received her MBA at USC. She worked for general contractors in various capacities for at least a decade prior to launching Mindful Integration of Construction Services (MICS).

MICS exists to serve our region. They aim to ensure the outreach to and the participation of the LAX Coastal community, and Southern CA at large, during the construction of projects that are physically and economically transforming our city.  

MICS helps contractors achieve participation goals that require local workers and/or diverse businesses. Lead by Theodora, MICS brokers partnerships, develops and delivers implementation plans that meaningfully engage the community’s residents and diverse businesses to access employment during the construction of multi-million/ billion-dollar projects. 

MICS’s hope is to help shift the current mindset of Owners and Contractors to leverage the federal initiatives to facilitate diversity, equity and inclusion as projects are built. Their experience underscored by plentiful empirical data reinforces that the pursuit of profit is not mutually exclusive to inclusion or equity. MICS aims to help project teams intentionally pay attention to (i.e. be mindful to include their scopes) as they integrate (i.e. make whole) all the aspects required to construct the project.

Theodora is proud of her team for exceeding participation goals on every project they have managed, as well as for the positive economic transformations MICS has facilitated for their clients’ businesses and workers.

As an immigrant, African woman with no supportive network or prior background in construction before beginning her career, Theodora can look back and offer advice to those just beginning their own careers today.

“I would highly encourage them to jump in and educate themselves on the various aspects of the industry, get exposure to several crafts before anchoring in on one, learn and enjoy whatever craft they prefer; and be kind to people. Because of the 2028 Olympics, combined with the Infrastructure upgrades, our region is enviably flushed with significant work. Sky is the limit.”

The LAX Coastal Chamber is so grateful to have Theodora and MICS as valued Chamber members, bringing their immensely important work to our community. We encourage you to learn more about Mindful Integration of Construction Services.

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