Spotlight on Zakiya Ellick

Meet Zakiya Ellick, Owner/CEO of The Cookie Dip Company

Instead of snacking on chips and dip, Zakiya Ellick suggests a sweeter alternative…Cookies and Dip! That is the delightful idea behind The Cookie Dip Company. The Cookie Dip Company, founded by Zakiya, provides premium accessories for your cookies, aka “dips”, in a variety of tantalizing flavors. 

Zakiya’s dream of being an entrepreneur, mixed with her creativity with all things delicious, was the perfect recipe for The Cookie Dip Company. An artist by nature, Zakiya found her mode of art, creating “edible love, to be shared with everyone”. She brings her creativity to the forefront with her innovative, premium flavors that you won’t find in other cookie companies. Flavors such as Mango Chili or Milk Chocolate Horchata are both unique and delicious, and truly the snack you never knew you needed. 

Having made her own dream come true, Zakiya reflects on the journey and credits her unwavering passion and desire for her success. She offers advice to other entrepreneurs, to take all opportunities to learn what is unknown and to “turn your fear into fuel.”  

The LAX Coastal Chamber is honored to have Zakiya and The Cookie Dip Company as one of our valued Chamber members. We encourage you to check out The Cookie Dip Company for yourself. Become a #firsttimecookiedipper or surprise your Valentine with this scrumptious treat. It will change the way you eat cookies forever! 

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