Voice of Business

The Chamber strives to be the strongest voice for the local business community. The organization supports a positive economic climate in which commerce in the local area, city, and state can continue to flourish and remain competitive and diverse.

In addition to supporting its Economic Growth Policy Pillar, the Chamber supports the following:

  • Sensible changes in state labor laws and regulations aimed at making the workplace easier to administer
  • Changes in tax policy that keep businesses competitive
  • Local efforts to implement roadway improvements, infrastructure projects and other construction in a way that impacts the fewest businesses as possible
  • Revisions to the state's workers' compensation system to bring balance and fairness to what has become a contentious system.

The voices of many are significantly stronger than the voice of one. The Chamber represents approximately 550 businesses and over 15,000 employees. Together, our voices will be heard and we can make a difference in the local political landscape.