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Farmer’s Markets are fun.

This is fact… and like 90% opinion (because some might disagree), but it’s still a fact.

Back at school, I would visit the Ithaca Farmer’s Market next to Seneca Lake. It was always a delightful (and I rarely use that word) adventure. You had to take a bus to the end of the line, get off next to an Aldi, and then walk a few blocks down a hill with no paved road. One thing I remember perfectly is you could always smell the market before you saw it in the distance. That place had everything.

Organic moisturizing lavender chapstick? Check.

Hard apple cider? Check.

Local jewelry? Check.

Live entertainment? Check.

And picture this:





You could get yourself a cup of coffee and a donut (or two in my case) on a crisp fall Saturday and be as happy as a kitten with a yarn ball. Lately, a wave of nostalgia has hit me and I’ve been meaning to visit farmer’s markets around the area, and thankfully, I have some great options nearby.



Westchester Farmer’s Market

Sundays, 9a-2p at The Triangle, 6200 W. 87th St., 90045

Wednesdays, 8:30a-1:30p at The Park, 7000 W. Manchester Ave., 90045

Many people may be aware of the Westchester Farmer’s Market at Westchester Park on Manchester Avenue on Wednesdays. But this past Sunday, they added a new location at the Triangle on West 87th Street. Community members now have two different days and locations to choose from! The Westchester Farmer’s Market is a labor of love put together by the community and partners such as Westchester Vitalization and the Westchester Town Center’s BID. On any given Wednesday or Sunday you can find over 50 local farmers, artisans, and ranchers showcasing their items. There is a Kid Corner for the little ones that has different crafts and activities, such as balloon art and face painting. This market is also known for its “Peach Coins.” Available in packs of 10, they are the Westchester Market currency. If you happen to have forgotten your money on your weekly visit, simply use your pre-purchased Peach Coins instead. They don’t expire and you can use them at either location. The net proceeds of the market will be going back into the community for beautification projects, youth programs, and other community efforts.


peach coins


Playa Vista Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday at the Runway at Playa Vista

12775 W Millennium Dr, 90094


Starting in 2009, the Playa Vista Farmer’s Market has been a staple for years. Plus, all of the vendors at this location are Farmer Mark approved—that means the local Agricultural Department agencies make sure that the farmer grows the food, ensuring that only local produce is available. It’s also in a great location near a movie theater, some shopping, and great dining options, and with 3 for $5 dollar deals, what else are you missing? To make it even better, a parking structure is nearby so you can go from farmer’s market to your car without the long trek. Flowers, food, live entertainment, and more.

Signage Farmers Market Playa Vista


Shopping at local farmer’s markets is encouraged for many reasons. The nonindustrial, organic, local grown nature of the produce is for sure a major draw, but the food and other items you’ll find there is also affordable and tastes amazing. And since produce is seasonal, you’ll always see something new each time you go. Hopefully I’ll see some of my readers on my next trip!

What’s your favorite farmer’s market purchase?

Signage Farmers Market Playa Vista

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