Celebrating Innovation with ILA2018

The LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce was proud to once again participate in the singular county-wide celebration of innovation and creativity in Los Angeles—InnovateLA. Presented by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), InnovateLA is a two-week collaboration of events across the county. “From cleantech to gaming, aerospace to digital media and beyond, Los Angeles is a leading global center for innovation and entrepreneurship and we’re showcasing and celebrating that with a series of events, lectures and talks all over LA,” dubbed #ILA2018.

Innovate LA 2018 was hosted from November 2-18, 2018.

From featured events such as the first annual Unicorn Quest (panel discussion on how to build a billion-dollar startup) to Technarte LA (a conference surrounding technology and art), hundreds of organizations across Los Angeles stepped up to show what they can do—and had a party while doing it.

The LAX Coastal Chamber is no stranger to innovation. Not only does the Chamber represent over 500 local innovators, creators, and business leaders within the LAX Coastal area, they are also pioneers themselves. With over 900 startups in their very own backyard, the rise of Silicon Beach, and a changing demographic of business leaders, the LAX Coastal Chamber realized the traditional Chamber of Commerce needed to reinvent themselves in order to better help the new business community. Over the years, they have incorporated multiple new programs, resources, and events—such as LAX Coworking, their winner of the 2016 Chambers of Innovation Awards—to ensure their relevancy. So, when offered the chance to participate in InnovateLA for the third year, the Chamber was excited to become a partner.

From November 2-18, the LAX Coastal Chamber hosted 7 events highlighting themselves and their members. Attendees included Chamber members, local residents, visitors from Orange County, students from Santa Monica College, and more. Multiple guests found the events to be so relevant they ended up attending more than one, coming back to hear from a variety of speakers and topics all discussing innovation, creativity, technology, and self-improvement. This year’s InnovateLA events included:

adaptED Consultants demonstrate the brain’s plasticity through a target exercise involving simulated beer goggles.
  • Spark New Ideas with adaptED Consultants. On November 8, speakers Kelly Kent Ph.D. and Anne-Marie Cziko Ph.D. discussed the basics of brain biology and plasticity, using neuroscience and “brain game” experiments to explain our internal capacity for innovation.

“In order to set up truly innovative environments, businesses have to understand how to design workplaces that align with how the human brain operates best. Thanks for letting us show the InnovateLA participants how to do that!”

—Anne-Marie Cziko, Ph.D.

Lux Virtual allows guests to view Mount Everest through innovative VR technology.
  • Excellence in Modeling and Simulation / Immersive VR Technologies with Lux Virtual. On November 9, speakers Robert DeCou, Christopher Lawrence, and Ian Dellota of Lux Virtual discussed the possibilities behind AR/VR Technology. Guests were encouraged to experiment with different VR equipment and learned more about the Department of Defense Award-Winning immersive simulation technology, the Emmy winner for Digital Innovation “Capturing Everest,” and the standout education VR experience of the Colorado River Aqueduct.

“It was an honor to present on Immersive and VR Technologies for Innovate LA. Thank you LAX Coworking for hosting Lux Virtual, and to my business partners (or “my team”), @Ian Dellota and @Christopher Lawrence, for highlighting next level VR/AR innovations in this space.”

—Robert DeCou, Executive Producer & Business Development Lead

Free coworking days allow guests to try out an LAX Coworking membership–for free!
  • Free Coworking Day with LAX Coworking. The LAX Coastal Chamber always encourages local freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers to give our innovative program LAX Coworking a try. Whether you’re tired of working from home or coffee shops, or just looking for a low-key-yet-productive work environment, LAX Coworking is a great option in the Los Angeles area—and a free trial day (hosted on November 13) is the best way to try it out. As a unique perk, all LAX Coworkers receive an honorary LAX Coastal Chamber membership after they join, providing additional resources beyond a desk to work and a cup of hot coffee.

“Innovation is our future. The more creative and forward-thinking we are as a community, the farther we go, but that doesn’t mean that you can do it alone. At LAX Coworking, we are always looking for new ways to elevate the leaders, innovators, small business owners, remote workers, and freelancers within our community. As I tell all of our guests during their first LAX Coworking tour, we are a unique program because of our connection to the LAX Coastal Chamber; as a chamber of commerce, our goal is to enhance the business climate of our community, so we are here to offer a multitude of resources at a low cost in order to build your confidence, strength, and ultimate success. When you succeed, we succeed, and we’d love to help get you there.”

–Kirby Israelson, Manager / Vice President of Marketing & Communications

  • SBDC Office Hours at LAX Coworking. On November 13, Debbie Goldfarb of the El Camino College Small Business Development Center (SBDC) hosted free office hours for struggling small business owners and entrepreneurs. As part of the Small Business Administration, the SBDC is staffed by Professional Small Business Experts to provide FREE advice on launching, managing, growing and funding a business—and they are a proud partner of LAX Coworking.

    Kevin Walsh discusses the brain state mood elevator.
  • Emotional Intelligence with Global Community Enrichment. On November 14, speaker Kevin Walsh outlined the importance of emotional intelligence for both personal and professional relationships. By discussing strategies and brain plasticity, he taught attendees that proper emotional responses could be learned, and that with diligent practice you could train your brain to behave in a more logical, concentrated manner—leading to greater success.

    Sean Story Inc. outlines multiple cybersecurity tips to keep your personal and professional data safe.
  • How to Keep Your Office Safe from Hackers with Sean Story Inc. On November 15, speaker Sean Story explored some of the fundamental technologies and protocols that small businesses should have in place to stay protected. Being a victim of a cyber-attack is very costly to business, both in monetary damages and indirect costs, such as loss of reputation, loss of customers, and the human hours required to remedy the attack, so Sean discussed ten cyber security tips that both his company and the Federal Communications Commission recommend.

“It was an honor to speak at InnovateLA at LAX Coworking and share critical tips on how to stay safe online through practicing proper cybersecurity measures with our local professionals. It brings me great excitement to see large events like this happening in our community that provide a unique venue to encourage and inspire entrepreneurship while bringing business owners and professionals together. I look forward to next year!”

–Sean Story

Grant Thornton representatives having a great time presenting for InnovateLA 2018!
  • Cybersecurity with Grant Thornton. On November 16, the experts at Grant Thornton discusses the difference between security and privacy, as well as outlined the multiple laws and case examples to display the importance—and consequences—of each.

As we look back on another successful InnovateLA series, the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a part of such a progressive city—and we are looking forward to seeing how far we progress over the years to come.

For those looking to continue learning, the LAX Coastal Chamber hosts regular Lunch N Learn workshops through their LAX Coworking program. View a full calendar of events at www.laxcoworking.com, or sign up for their weekly e-newsletter by texting LAXCC to 22828.

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