Below is a summary of your Chamber's legislative actions.

Proposition 33 Insurance Car Insurance Rates Can Be Based on Person's History of Insurance Coverage, November 2012: SUPPORT

Proposition 31 The State Budget Two-Year Budget Cycle, November 2012: SUPPORT

Proposition 32 Labor Government No Longer Allowed to Automatically Deduct Union Dues from Paychecks, November 2012: SUPPORT

Proposition 39 Taxes Income Tax Calculations for Multi-State Businesses, November 2012: OPPOSE

AB 2026 (Extension of CA Film Tax Credit), May 2012: SUPPORT

BTAC Proposal for 15 Year Phase Out of Business Tax, May 2012: SUPPORT

Los Angeles Zoning Code Revision, May 2012: SUPPORT

AB 1450, April 2012: OPPOSE

AB 2014 (Split Roll Tax Task Force), April 2012: OPPOSE

Mayor's Call for L.A. Workforce Reduction & Renegotiation of Union Pay Increases, April 2012: SUPPORT

Repeal of SB 459, April 2012: SUPPORT

SB 956 (Predatory Car Sales Financing), April 2012: SUPPORT

City of Los Angeles Pension/Budget Reform, January 2012: SUPPORT

Coalition RE: SB659 to Postpone Dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies, January 2012: SUPPORT

Extension for LA County Local Hire Preference to Proprietary Department of the City of Los Angeles, January 2012: SUPPORT

Improvement to the Oxford Retention Basin in Marina del Rey, January 2012: SUPPORT

Increase in CA Film Commission Tax Credit for Commercials, January 2012: SUPPORT

Letter to City Council Regarding Focus on City Budget, January 2012: SUPPORT

Letter to Los Angeles City Council Pension Reform City of Los Angeles, January 2012: SUPPORT

Metro Stop in Westchester for the Crenshaw/LAX Light Rail Line, January 2012: SUPPORT