Below is a summary of the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce’s legislative actions.

2018-2019 Positions

Measure EE - LAUSD's Property Tax: OPPOSE

SB 598 (Senator Moorlach) Open Financial Statements Act: SUPPORT

Support w/conditions: AB 891 Establishment of Safe Parking Programs throughout California (to include Social Services): SUPPORT

Letter to call for Full Transparency/Disclosure of the Cost of Decision to End Natural Gas Power Plant Investment: SUPPORT

Green Tariff Letter to CPUC to support SoCalGas NRG: SUPPORT

AB 5 (Gonzalez) Worker status: independent contractors: OPPOSE

AB 9 (Reyes) Employment discrimination: limitation of actions: OPPOSE

AB 170 (Gonzalez) Employment: sexual harassment: liability: OPPOSE

Join Coalition for SB204 Delta Conveyance Oppose unless Amended: SUPPORT

AB533 (Holden) incentivizes participation in water efficiency and storm water runoff improvement programs: SUPPORT

SB50 (Wiener) Planning and zoning: housing development: equitable communities incentive: OPPOSE

AB 71 (Melendez) Employment standards: independent contractors and employees: SUPPORT

HR 748 Repeal the ``Cadillac Tax`` on employer-provided health plans: SUPPORT

Metro 105 Freeway Alternative 3 Option: SUPPORT

Senate Bill 905 - Let Our Communities Adjust Late-Night (LOCAL): SUPPORT

LAX No Vending Zone w/ request for moratorium: SUPPORT

Proposition 1: Veterans and Affordable Housing Act: OPPOSE

Proposition 2: No Place Like Home Act: SUPPORT

Proposition 10- Expands Local Government’s Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property: OPPOSE

$10 Billion Storm Water Parcel Tax LA County: OPPOSE

Proposition 6- Eliminates Recently Enacted Road Repair and Transportation Funding: OPPOSE