Gracias Todos

So this week’s blog is going to be a wee bit different.

Usually I—

Me. That’s me.

try to look up relevant information for our readers or let you know of any great events that are coming up. But unfortunately, my time has come to an end here at the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce. It’s truly bittersweet. I leave for a fantastic opportunity up the street but, I leave nonetheless. I’m going to miss this place like I’ve never missed any other job before. So I wanted this blog to serve as a sort of thank you letter.

Coworking_LNL 07
This is how I Lunch N Learn

This job has giving me some amazing opportunities, friendships, skills, and memories. I remember during my interview for this position, I said I wanted to be a part of a team who did work that mattered and loved what they did—I got all of that in spades. I genuinely believe that working for this organization has made me a better employee and human being in general (“LAX Coastal heals damage to your soul!”). Working here has allowed me personal and professional growth. Leadership Academy made me realize I was seriously analytical, which I never realized until it was pointed out to me that I ask 10,000 questions. It also helped me make connections with some amazing leaders in the community and allowed me to get out of my shell a little bit more. Another amazing opportunity I had came from The HomeTown News. The HTN gave me the opportunity to write for their amazing newspaper (guys, I’m in a newspaper!). I also wrote for the LAX Coastal Annual Magazine and Business Guide, and this blog! I’ve hopped on a boat, attended events at fabulous hotels and for a little kid from South Central LA (who still feels like a little kid), this is a big deal. This job taught me to not get jaded and to be thankful for the great things and people around me.

Coworking_LNL 03
New York Life is one of the many fantastic LAX Coastal members I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

And then there are those random lessons I’ve learned:

  • Clean Magic Eraser is where it’s at
  • Aloe Blac Pandora station repeats songs far too often
  • Paleo is amazing but so are donuts

The list goes on and on. But what am I going to miss most about this place? The cool chalkboard walls I wrote all over, the awesome coffee machine perhaps? The food delivery services from everywhere! The great speakers and events? Nope.

My team.

I’m going to miss these people like crazy.

team photo
Look at how awesome we are! No, I don’t photograph well.

I would like to give a special thanks to the LAX Coastal team. You guys mean the world to me and it has been a pleasure working with all of you. I don’t think readers understand how much of an all-star group you are. You’re the reason I looked forward to coming into work every day. From those after 5 o’clock talks on hip-hop, or grasshopper moments in the batcave, to the witty comments I wish I had thought of first. I’m going to miss the friendship that grew even stronger than I could’ve ever imagined and fills me with immense joy, learning crazy interpersonal skills, to a woman who is truly making the world a better place with her positive force… Woo—getting a little misty eyed. And don’t get me started on the coworkers. Well you can—

Best. Coworkers. Ever.

Working as the Community Manager at LAX Coworking has been a blast! The people who have walked through these doors are inspiring in their hustle mentally, because that’s what it is when you start a business from scratch. Parents who are still working a full time job, members who become board members (and have the most adorable kitten in the world), and members who make a difference in the lives of undocumented students (and have a pup with the best puppy belly in the world). Being around these people has made me want to truly take my little writing habit to new heights. Thanks for the reminder that I can actually do something with this love of stringing sentences together.

It’s been sad to see our coworkers leave and now I’m the one leaving (Sweet revenge!)

I hope I leave this place with a bit of a quirky, quiet mark, such as I am. With a laugh that’s a little too loud and wild for no reason. With a bit more Spanglish. With fond memories of misspelling calendar.

I will most definitely come to visit (Truxton’s is not the main reason, I swear). But I leave on a high note, cooler than a polar bear’s toenails, excited for what’s on the horizon, and proud of the contribution I was able to make to this incomparable organization.

Thank you all.

Saldaña, out.

Coworking_Fun 01


Any typos were made on purpose.

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