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It should come as no surprise to anyone walking into our office that Kirby and I love food. Love it. Adore it. Are as passionate about it as we are about our jobs. If one happens to stop by your local chamber or LAX Coworking, chances are you’ll hear us talking about some kind of food. What we had yesterday or what we plan on having today. Working at this organization has many perks including being surrounding by one of strongest and tight-knit business communities, seeing all of our members take their goals to new heights, and even making some remarkable connections along the way. But I am a firm believer that the local food around here needs to be on that list. Not being a local Westsider, I’ve listened to everyone’s suggestions and happily sampled my way around town. I’ve compiled a list of yummy treats I’ve found in my journey. Feel free to suggest your favorite in our comments section!

cantalini's sign

Cantalini’s: Cantalini’s has catered our Leadership Academy meetings a few times and my eyes always light up when I see their food. Their garlic knots and chicken piccata are two of my favorite things. (Fun fact, I can’t live without carbs. But everything in moderation! I believe in a healthy lifestyle). Their garlic knots have a crusty exterior and a warm and fluffy interior. Paired with the flavorful chicken piccata and the sauce it comes in, it is a match made in heaven!


LaRocco’s Pizzeria: I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul LaRocco for our annual LAX Coastal Magazine and he is just as amazing as his pizza is ( I like to think that is the best comment a person can be given). Hailing from Brooklyn, their pizzas are full of traditional Italian flavors. My personal favorite is The Bronx special. This suggestion is for my fellow meat lovers it has pepperoni, sausage, and meatballs . I asked for it on my birthday and it is a pizza worth any special occasion.


Rainbow Acres Natural Foods: For those who don’t know, this little gem is located on Washington Blvd and aims to sell healthy food at an affordable price. Our team has bought lunch their a few times but my favorite treat from them is their amazing trail mixes. When I’m in the mood for something slightly sweet and filling, their Tropical Mix always hits the spot. It not only has a variety of flavors but also textures. And that’s always a plus.

Melody Pizza

Melody Pizza: Melody’s pizza is also delicious but I am putting them on this list for their Zeppoles. Kirby introduced me to them when we order a pizza. I’ve never had them but wow. They’re little dough balls with powdered sugar. Simple, right? No! They’re a nice, sweet little treat that demands to be eaten by the handful. Seriously, you can’t just eat one.


Truxton’s: I love Truxton’s. I love it. I wouldn’t be surprised if their wonderful team knew my name and license plate. Kirby took me there to lunch one of my first months here and I’ve never looked back. Their ahi tuna is a thing of absolute and complete magnificence. My favorite treat is their ahi burger, rare of course. But they also have a yummy ahi tuna tower with avocado and yuzu sauce and both of these items have sushi grade tuna. That’s one of the things I love, the quality of the ingredient is amazing and they give you a generous helping! Their wild mushroom pasta with shrimp is also excellent. And insider secret: they have a mimosas special on the weekends for brunch!


Ruth’s Chris Steak House: I almost cry every time I have a bite of their steaks. Kirby took me there for Christmas (thank you Kirby!) and they are worth saving your pennies to go there. Their calamari is deliciously fried, slightly sweet and spicy and when you add extra lemon juice—woo! Perfection! And then you think it can’t get any better but your steak arrives. And it’s served on a 500 degree plate with butter. And then you bite it and reach a truly transcendental place. On a side note: their coffee is fabulous. I recommend you drink it black for the full blissful effect.

Don’t see your favorite treat listed? Comment below!

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