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Pg. 37 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

Make an impact by giving them something to remember. From large to small, a single event can have a lasting impression on your business—depending on how it’s run.

Today, more and more companies are hosting events that are unique, distinctive and require the support of full-service event planning to truly make a positive impact. Elicia Magaña, Founder and CEO of KIMA Events, provides these services, including consultation, concept and theme support. She is passionate about helping events that make a difference; coordinating with nonprofit organizations such as The S.H.A.Y Foundation, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Crystal Stairs.

Crystal Stairs is a nonprofit aimed at helping families succeed through child care services, research and advocacy. As part of the Building Stronger Families Watts/Willowbrook project through First5LA Best Start, they hosted the Crystal Stairs Family Bonding Day.

“Crystal Stairs and KIMA worked together to create a celebration for young parents and their kids. Elicia was able to create magical ideas and bring them to life, making it a successful event for the community,” said Anil Arora of Crystal Stairs. “I would recommend KIMA for any event!” Güncel teknoloji haberleri

Each time Elicia works alongside her clients, she is able to witness firsthand the difference they make in their neighborhoods, and how together they are able to change lives. Inspired by her clients, Elicia even created her own community event —her passion project—called Rise Up! to promote wellness in inner-city communities, as well as raise awareness and access to free resources in the areas of health, finances, education and mentorship. The inaugural Rise Up! Community Fair & Symposium was free for families to attend, and included guest speakers, interactive workshops and musical performances.

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