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Pg. 43 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

Posner Fine Art knows how to make a lasting impression. With five decades of experience in large-scale commissions and public works, Posner has worked on notable projects including an educational exhibition of historical photographs at Cal State Dominguez Hills, the Mecca Area basketball court floor in Milwaukee, painted in 1960 by artist Robert Indiana, and most recently an exterior installation for Graye LA, an artfully curated design gallery in Los Angeles.

Posner presented the work of artist Ali Silverstein to Graye for inclusion in their showroom in honor of the grand reopening of their location on Sycamore Ave. Because the paintings suited the space and aesthetic so well, the owner of the showroom approached Posner about a possible exhibit on the building’s exterior in honor of Frieze Los Angeles, an international contemporary art fair that saw its first iteration in Los Angeles this year. Aşık Etme Duası

Posner worked with the paint company Farrow and Ball, who donated the paint for the project, as well as the original artist to create 20 50’ paintings on canvas to be mounted on Graye’s exterior walls. Ali worked as she always does: by lying the canvas on the floor of her studio and applying paint in pools and broad gestures, sometimes using brooms to sweep the paint across the canvas’ surface. In the end, Posner Fine Art feels that the final painting remains true to the artist’s traditional means of production, all while creating a highly visible installation within the creative hub of Los Angeles.

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