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Pg. 47 of the 2019 LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

AMLI is making great strides in building apartment communities with an emphasis on sustainability—not only as it pertains to the environment, but also the health and wellness of its residents. Last year, AMLI partnered with architecture firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) and Multifamily Executive to reimagine AMLI 900, their first foray into green-building more than a decade ago. What they developed was quickly put into place for AMLI Marina del Rey, outfitted with various new green and wellness technologies. Here are a few core takeaways from AMLI Marina del Rey:

Making Spaces Healthier and More Flexible

One of the most important considerations to make when designing an apartment community is creating spaces that maximize comfort and encourage healthy choices. The easiest way to complete these objectives is to keep your spaces fluid, able to be repurposed as the times dictate and culture changes. Spaces were recast with designs that would encourage residents to take the stairs and traded square footage in individual apartments in favor of larger community spaces for all to use and enjoy. This was done on the idea that more publicly shared space would foster more interaction between residents, developing a community of stable, lasting relationships. escort gaziantep , gaziantep escort , erotik film izle , rus escort , seks hikayeleri

Smoke-Free Living

AMLI’s Breatheasy® program prohibits smoking by residents and guests, creating a healthy and clean living environment for their residents. The feedback from this program has been overwhelmingly positive, with everyone appreciating the opportunity to live in a completely smoke-free community.

Sustainability For All

AMLI strives to create healthier lifestyles for all, across arbitrary generational divides. According to their annual sustainable living index, millennials and baby boomers alike show increased interest in green living and sustainability issues. By placing emphasis on their communities as a whole, they can work toward the overall wellness of each and every resident that calls AMLI Marina del Rey their home.

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