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Magazine Spotlight: Professional Services 2

August 12, 2019

Lux Virtual

Pg. 62 of the LAX Coastal Magazine & Business Guide

This past year, one of the highlights at Lux Virtual was working on their second interactive Virtual Reality project with the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). Lux Virtual has worked hard to build a relationship with the innovation team at MWD, focusing on continually bringing new technologies to the agency and connecting them to fellow companies focusing on technological innovation.

The project was developed to educate the public on how difficult it is to get water to Los Angeles, and the importance of water conservation—especially with the continual increase in population and an ever-present risk of droughts from year to year. MWD is focused on better storage, increased conservation methods and educating the public on how to best conserve water and minimize its use. agario

Early on in the project, Lux Virtual hosted over a dozen employees from multiple water agencies at an all-day drone and video 360 training/educational course. This was made possible because they had the opportunity to bring Corey Petrick onto this project, an Emmy-Award winner for digital innovation for his work with Video 360 images on the film “Capturing Everest.”

Robert DeCou, Founder & CEO of Lux Virtual, is a firm believer in building relationships. “To grow and excel in this fast-paced economy,” says Robert, “building partnerships, joint ventures and solidifying relationships is essential. Be diligent in building new friendships in your community and it will serve you well in both health and prosperity.”

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Monday, August 12, 2019 | 3:37 am