Protecting Your Workplace

Staying safe at work is a must, especially in this day and age. Although security may seem like a complicated subject to tackle, there are many simple and effective steps your company can take to improve security levels for your organization. Check out our tips below and start implementing them at your office today:

Tip #1: Control Access to your Building

Companies often let anyone enter their building without properly verifying their identity or purpose of visit. This can lead to risky individuals gaining access to vulnerable areas on your property, and potentially causing great harm. To reduce this risk, create a system for receiving guests and don’t allow visitors to gain entry with another employee or guest’s pass. Use unique and separate ID badges for staff and visitors. Restrict access to your office with locked or guarded paths of entry.

Tip #2: Examine Personal Belongings Brought into your Building or Office Area

Assuming new visitors have no harmful possessions with them can be dangerous. Assign a staff member to thoroughly check each new visitor’s belongings when visiting your office or building areas. This is a great safeguard against unwanted weapons being brought onto facilities, as well as other unwanted items like drugs, alcohol, and beyond. You can also have employees or staff accompany visitors from the entrance areas to their locations.

Tip #3: Protect your Operations and Functional Areas Off-Limits from Visitors

To avoid unnecessary problems, keep storage rooms, boiler rooms, telephone and utility closets, and similar potential hiding places locked or off-limits to visitors. These areas can be great for criminals to hide contraband or themselves in preparation for an attack. Operational facilities can also be tampered with and cause great dysfunction to your office, whether that means sprinklers going off, phone lines getting cut, or theft occurring in storage rooms.

Tip #4: Invest in a Holistic and Comprehensive Workplace Security System

For advice, turn to professionals in the security industry that understand the latest technologies and services necessary to protect your company’s unique facilities. Service providers, such as Elite, provide Remote Guarding security systems that can greatly improve security coverage during the day and at night. Reach out to professionals and learn more about what options are right for your company.



From the desk of Maneeza Hasan, Elite Interactive Solutions

Maneeza Hasan is a member of the LAX Coastal Young Professionals & Marketing Manager for Elite Interactive Solutions, which provides Remote Guarding & Monitoring security solutions to school campuses, apartment buildings, auto dealerships, and beyond. To learn more about Elite Interactive Solutions, please contact Maneeza at or visit

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