Sharpen Your Focus

When I was a new entrepreneur and started my first company, my monthly calendar looked like a disaster area. I had daily, weekly and monthly plans filled with overlapping and contradicting information.  I knew I had a lot to do as an entrepreneur but I wasn’t sure what those exact activities were or in what order I was supposed to do them. I was constantly getting distracted and couldn’t seem to make much progress.

But, why? I read the business success books and created my to do lists religiously every single morning, and even still I just found myself going in circles.

At the rate I was going, it looked like I was going to fall into the 57% of businesses that fail within the first few years. I wanted to be one of the 43%, one of the ones who knew how to get done the activities which added to their bottom line. That’s exactly why I’ve put this article together – today I’m going to be looking at the best ways to sharpen your focus and complete your daily activities.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced entrepreneur, or a total beginner, at the end of this article you’ll have a few simple tactics that you can use to plow ahead and complete the profitable activities that you need to build your brand. Okay, this list is small but it’s mighty, so let’s jump into it!

Keep It Concise

The average business owner is on the verge of complete overwhelm – dealing with sales, marketing, angry customers, finance and more. Don’t forget to add the anxiety of not being able to make their payroll or settle accounts due.

Yep, I’m talking about you.

So, it’s your job to make sure that you can easily digest your daily tasks when you open up your To Do list. The average To Do list contains 7 to 10 tasks, but statistics show that those who have lists with just three focused tasks perform best.So strip your list down to its bare bones and be honest about what really needs to get done. Not what’s fun to do. But what has to get done.

Add Urgency

Like I mentioned earlier, there’s no doubt that you will be bombarded with other activities that can steal your attention and pull you away from your list. So, if you add some urgency into your daily activities, you’ll have a much easier time following through.

I like to add a countdown timer set for 90 minutes. That way I get started and I stay on task. Ninety minutes is long enough to get a decent start on a larger project but not so long that my mind gets fatigued and starts to wander off. Use urgency tactics like this to improve your own performance – it isn’t as tough as you think!

Reward Yourself

One of the best ways to stay focused throughout the day is to reward yourself for completing one of the  items on your list – especially a tough one. Wednesday morning and you’ve got a ton of work to slog through? Treat yourself to lunch at your favorite restaurant if you stay focused and have a productive morning.

Rewards aren’t always expensive or extravagant. I found that by sweetening up my work load with a  celebratory trip to my favorite park for a little relaxation helps.

Conclusion? Staying focused is one of the most powerful assets an entrepreneur can have,  so make sure to use yours well!


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