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If your workforce does not consist exclusively of robots and artificial intelligence, then you know from experience how critical human relationships and communication are to the bottom line of organizations. Teams that have high levels of mutual respect, understanding, and a shared desire to grow succeed in thriving together. Those that don’t tend to experience dysfunction and conflict, often leading to lower productivity and increased employee turnover. Most roles in companies (leadership, sales, customer service, etc.) are all about understanding other people and even more importantly, ourselves.

People skills will help you, and your employees, in all facets of business.

Looking back on my K-12 education, I noticed that there was a complete lack of education on Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness, communication skills, conflict resolution, etc.). When a situation between two students ended up in a fight, one or both were scolded and suspended from school instead of being taught how to move forward in a mutually-beneficial and sustainable way. As important as math and history lessons are, why was there no instruction on how to function in society with other human beings? Not everyone will use math and history in their adult careers, but every single person will have to interact with and depend on others in order to make a living and thrive in the workplace.

I would love for schools to teach communication and relationship skills to all children so that the services of Woodhill Solutions would become obsolete, but until such time when generations have been through this type of education, Woodhill Solutions is proud to provide it through its Professional Development training courses. Our professional development training may focus on Leadership Skills (Team Dynamics, Constructive Feedback, Critical Thinking/Creative Problem Solving, Change Management and Performance Management), Time Management, Customer Service, Stress Management, HR, and Sales; but the backbone of each of them reinforces critical interpersonal communication skills.

The LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce is constantly looking to fulfill their mission by enhancing services and offerings for their membership. Their WIT (Workforce Improvement Training) program was born in January 2018, establishing a partnership between Woodhill Solutions and the Chamber to bring professional development services to the Chamber membership. The intention of this offering is to support member businesses by increasing their workforces’ practical skillsets and emotional intelligence, and to therefore increase their bottom line.

Throughout the year, WIT training sessions are offered to both Chamber members and not-yet-members. Organizations are given the opportunity to send one or many of their employees to training sessions to bolster and improve their skillset. If an organization has training needs for a larger portion of their workforce, the Chamber and Woodhill Solutions will accommodate those needs with a custom training series, FULLY REIMBURSABLE via a contract with the State of California Employment Training Panel (ETP) for a state training subsidy.

For any inquiries, please reach out to the LAX Coastal Chamber (310.645.5151) or to Woodhill Solutions (888.990.9059). We will be thrilled to support the growth and success of your business!


You’re invited to a WIT Special Event – Customer Service Training

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


$99/Member |  $149/Not-Yet Member

Lunch and a light breakfast is included.


Scott Woodhill is the CEO of Woodhill Solutions and co-host of the LAX Coastal Chamber’s WIT program.
Woodhill Solutions offers employee engagement, conflict resolutions, and community dialogue so your business can be more successful.

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