The LAX Coastal Chamber initiated the WIT (Workforce Improvement Training) program in order to advance two main objectives in its mission: to provide member services and educational programs to its vast member base. The goal of these trainings is to offer relevant, skill-building courses at a significantly reduced price (thanks to a contract with the California State ETP, an agency that subsidizes trainings for companies that qualify).

It’s important for companies to constantly stay sharp and find ways to build trust and cohesion within their workforce. Many of our trainings are designed to help companies increase teamwork, reduce misunderstandings & conflict, lead and manage others more effectively, and feel more competent and content in their positions. To do this, we are happy to partner with the Employee Engagement services company, Woodhill Solutions, to facilitate our WIT trainings.


Each WIT training is either hosted at the Chamber office for all to enjoy, or hosted on-site at the client’s office for more individualized attention. For upcoming trainings, please see Upcoming Events below or visit the Chamber’s Networking Calendar.


Please contact the LAX Coastal Chamber for more information, or to discuss any needs that can be met through our training program.

WIT & Why – A Word from Woodhill Solutions

If your workforce does not consist exclusively of robots and artificial intelligence, then you know from experience how critical human relationships and communication are to the bottom line of organizations. Teams that have high levels of mutual respect, understanding, and a shared desire to grow succeed in thriving together. Those that don’t tend to experience dysfunction and conflict, often leading to lower productivity and [read more...]


WIT is hosted by the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Woodhill Solutions. This program leverages financial support from the State of California ETP (Employment Training Panel), enabling the Chamber to provide valuable trainings at a greatly reduced cost.





Participants may be eligible to receive full or partial rebates for training cost if they qualify for ETP program. This California State program exists for for-profit companies only. Trainee must complete Certification Statement (1 per company) and be retained with their company for 90-days after training date to qualify.


To learn more about State of California ETP, click here. For additional questions, please contact the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce.



  • Tuesday, October 30, 2018
  • 8A-4:30PM
  • $99/Members | $149/Not-Yet Members

Learn how to enhance your image through customer service.


Every employee in your organization serves the customer and has a direct impact on your bottom line. From the front desk to the accounting department, every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to build loyalty and your brand.


Attendees of this training session will come away more confident in developing lasting customer relationships and be more engaged in their role, leading to a higher return on your investment.

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