Young Professionals Mentor Graduating Seniors

On Wednesday, March 29, the LAX Coastal Young Professionals visited St. Bernard High School in Playa del Rey to share their knowledge and experiences in the areas of interviewing and resume writing. Led by the LAX Coastal Chamber’s Vice President of Membership, Chamberlain Duru, the YPs stressed the importance of presenting yourself professionally, both in person and on paper, to a classroom of graduating seniors.

LAX Coastal Young Professionals at St. Bernard High School

“We felt these kids could use some pointers since they are about to graduate and start building their futures in college and at work,” said Chamberlain.

The graduating seniors participated in small workshops to work on their resumes and interview skills. They learned the importance of having a well-structured resume which clearly highlights their skills. They also received advice on how to prepare for an interview and succeed through the hiring process. The YP team made sure to emphasize the importance of coming across with confidence and articulating their skills and strengths clearly.

Gina Trechter Reed of the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (and proud LAX Coastal Young Professional!) was one of the afternoon’s mentors, and left the students with such tips as: “Be enthusiastic! Have a positive attitude and exude energy. If you are excited about the opportunity, they’ll see it!”

The LAX Coastal Young Professionals are a program of the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce. The group supports a “young-at-heart” attitude and are focused on empowering future leaders through networking, community involvement, and the advancement of professionalism. For those looking to get involved, the YPs meet every first Monday of the month at the LAX Coastal Chamber office from 5:30-7pm. Contact Chamberlain for more information at or 310.645.5151.



Maneeza Hasan, Elite Interactive Solutions, LLC

Maneeza Hasan is a member of the LAX Coastal Young Professionals & Marketing Manager for Elite Interactive Solutions, which provides Remote Guarding & Monitoring security solutions to school campuses, apartment buildings, auto dealerships, and beyond. To learn more about Elite Interactive Solutions, please contact Maneeza at or visit

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