Your Chamber Toolkit

So, I sat here at my computer for a good ten minutes trying to start this afternoon’s blog.

For my Board of Directors, I promise I’m a good worker and an asset to this company and those ten minutes weren’t really wasted, per se… For my readers, hey. Let’s be honest. It happens to the best of us, am I right?

But the reason I sat here in a ten-minute supposed static state was because I was trying to find a new way to tell you that the LAX Coastal Chamber is here to be your resource. That your local chamber is here to elevate your business and provide you with as many opportunities as we can so you can succeed in today’s business climate. It’s the same message I share with you almost daily on our website, social media, e-newsletter, and emails—to just name a few—and I am running out of new ways to say it.

I mean, I could probably look deep into your eyes and tell you that the chamber is always going to be there for you, no matter what, but I feel like that isn’t quite the message we are going for. While we like you a lot, we really want to keep things professional, and that sort of heartfelt declaration sounds more like a candlelight dinner scenario. (But hey, if you wanted to take us out to dinner, who are we to say no?)

Back to the original topic: I was struggling with how to share our message of support in a fresh and inviting way, and I came up blank. Because really, we are here to be your resource. And to elevate your business. And to help you succeed in any way possible. That is what we are here for, plain and simple, and while I might say it again and again with a variety of different adjectives, that doesn’t make it any less true.

While the message might sound familiar, I do have some new information to share with you to help spice things up: your chamber toolkit.

As a Chamber of Commerce, we have multiple avenues for member advancement and promotion. Like I said, we are here to help you succeed, so we are inviting you to take advantage of the below information to use as a handy-dandy toolkit to elevate your business—the LAX Coastal way.


Download the Chamber Toolkit


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